In today's society, challenges that plague our communities like substance/alcohol abuse, mental /physical abuse, dysfunctional family complications, strife caused by the lack of economic resources and poor education, cannibalize our personal integrity; without guidance individuals can become stranded in cycles that become obstacles to individual success that lead to self-defeat. We at Fruit In The Heart seek to help people emerge from recidivism issues to become productive members of society.

Our tools that help navigate these challenges is aimed at providing rehabilitative services that teach individuals how to deal with emotional and socioeconomic deficiencies in people's lives.

There is "no one size fits all" approach for life's multiple challenges, but together we can help.


Linda Armstrong


Currently undertaking a Business Administration Major with a Minor in Communications in my quest to obtain a Masters Degree in Business, I have taken the steps to become a non profit organization to help those that had similar life challenges on an array of levels; emotionally, spiritually, financially and educationally.